PurifieD Specifications



Filtration MethoFiltration Metho

8 Stage (RO+Mineralization+Alkalization)

Bacterial Treatment Bacterial Treatment


Rated Voltage /FrequencyRated Voltage /Frequency

 220-240V / 50-60HZ

Faucet NumberFaucet Number

3 Faucets (Hot, Normal and Cold)

Tank VolumeTank Volume

 3.2L Cold, 1.5L Hot, 1L Normal, 10L Storage

Purification CapacityPurification Capacity

 Up to 8 (19L) Bottles, 0.5 to 0.75 LMP

Cooling Power / CapacityCooling Power / Capacity

 90W / 6℃ -10℃ 2L/h

Heating Power / CapacityHeating Power / Capacity

 420W / 85℃-95℃ 5L/h


12x 17 x 45 inch

Net Weight Net Weight  30 kg

Award-winning by purified

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Honors and awards

Best Product 2020
Top 3
Wellness Awards
Best New Product
Top 5
Innovative Awards

Purity comes from within – for the people and the planet.

Purified is an innovative water dispenser that has in-built RO filtration plant designed to provide clean water to offices, schools, public places and homes. PurifieD uses the Intelligent Water Purification (IWP) Technology with its 8-step filtration process that purifies your tap water anytime and all the time.